Staying away from negative energy💔

Can’t deny that there are times I have developed a bad attitude towards my friends and even family. It’s a feeling I cant assume. For a moment I just feel like I don’t need anyone 💔 but myself and the next minute I’m like I need to talk to my people every time ❤.

Once I develop this attitude, I go MIA , I never talk to most people ,snob some, and quit social media platforms for sometime like I’m on a digital detox listen or watch something that relates with my mood.if

It’s not easy ,because a lot of things happen, both positive and negative. I won’t talk of the negative side but on the positive, I’m able to regain that lost energy, phases I go through are eye opening with lots of life lessons.

I’ve always promised myself to stay positive no matter the situation. I hate feeding into negativity!. Some days to my birthday I have been having personal conversation and came with a bucket list, and trust me I’ve started working on it already.

I drafted a short note seconds into my birthday of this new “self” to show that I’m changing and leaving my worst behaviors. I’m resolving issues I have with my family first to friends.

I felt like its time for me to start living the life that I always wanted to live. I want to be free to everyone. I’m cutting of hate and that bad ass attitude I’ve always had. I want friends to approach me for help. because I know I’ll turn to them once I need help. I want to live knowing how my people are doing great. I want to solve and settle issues that ever come up with love and not creating enmity. I want my people to always let me know when I’m hurting them ,not consuming that negative toxic energy because it will kill you and I won’t know. I want my people to inform and correct me when I’m wrong ,because I will when they take wrong routes. ❤😌

Find ways to kill that demon breaking relationships with your people.

I’m good with everyone now. If you feel like we need to talk , hit me up. We’re going to be good. Can’t believe I’m going live my best, so should you.❤


12 thoughts on “Staying away from negative energy💔

  1. best wishes to you for all that you wish to achieve , it seems you know what you want and are driven to get it. I hope you get all the happiness your heart desires!! xoxo

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